Looking For The High CBD Strains

Some CBD strains are going to be stronger than others. Everyone is going to have the dose that works for them. A dose that works for you might not work for someone else to help with their symptoms. It is important to go through experience on your own and find what might work best.


High CBD Strains

Many different CBD products can be found, with high CBD strains available. Some of the best and highest CBD strains are said to be:

  • Harlequin
  • Ringo’s Gift
  • Sweet and Sour Widow
  • Stephen Hawking Kush
  • ACDC
  • Cannatonic
  • Sour Tsunami
  • Harle-Tsu
  • Pennywise

These are just some of the CBD strains that have been listed as having the highest CBD content. There are others out there, like Charlotte’s Web, which is also a popular CBD option that many have taken.

Which CBD Strain Suits You Best?

Depending on what you might be struggling with, the symptoms, you might reach to try a different CBD oil dose. If you have very severe pain and symptoms, then you will want a high CBD dosage, it’s essential to find what is going to work for you and that might take time.

Sometimes when you start taking CBD oil, you might also build up a tolerance too, so the dose you start with at one point can quickly increase over time. That is okay, though, and that is expected when you are taking CBD oil for health reasons. This is a natural cannabis substance, non-psychoactive, that has been known to have incredible healing potential.

Where to Get High CBD Strains?

If you are looking to find high CBD strains, then the best place to get started is to look online through various cannabis resources. You can find people sharing stories about which CBD strains might be best. Not only that, but you can look on the websites for many CBD products too, and they list that information.

You cannot always trust what CBD quality that you might be getting, mainly depending on where you purchase the product from. You need to get something that you can trust. Going through reviews and looking online at the website can give a better idea of what products you might want to try.

When you want to find high CBD strains, those listed above are some of the frequently mentioned ones to try. There are many others out there as well, though also. It depends on what works for the individual, and that is going to take experimentation and time. Don’t give up when it comes to finding the right one.

To see what CBD might be able to do for you, start with a low dose, and you can work your way up slowly and see what level you might need. This is the way that it’s safest to start taking CBD because you don’t want to start with a dose that’s too high that could be harmful to you.